Owned by Dogs Since 2006

As dog lovers, we have always wanted what is best for our beloved furry friends. The best food, the best treats, the best toys… you get the idea!

Having three rescue dogs of our own (Willow our Springer Mix, Kiara our Spanish Boxer Mix, and the star of this show, our Cocker Spaniel, Pete!) we have always struggled to find a one stop shop that meets all our guy’s needs. And being three very unique dogs, each of ours has different likes and dislikes, along with allergies and things they can and can’t have. This means that more often than not, we are having to go to multiple shops just to get their food, let alone anything else!

So, we decided “Well, why don’t we set up that one stop shop that we’ve always wanted!” Thanks to years of extensive research on the best items for our gang, we only stock natural foods and treats, ethically made toys and equipment to build a more positive lifestyle for you and your dog. Everything that we sell, we would use for our own dogs, so you know that when you buy from us, you are buying items that we trust.