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  • Birthday Bandana


    One size birthday bandana, reversible print! This is a tie back bandana, not one that slides over the collar.

  • Birthday Bone Present Plush Toy


    Plush Birthday Present shaped like a bone! Soft plush toy with plastic squeakers inside. Approximately 30cm long

  • Birthday Cake Party Hats


    Available in Pink or Blue!

  • Birthday Cake Plush Toys


    Birthday cakes for dogs! A fun plush dog toy in the shape of a cake featuring candles. Contains plastic squeakers. This toy is for use by pets only. Always supervise your dog during playtime and remember to remove toys if damage occurs or any parts become detached. Large 20 cm ,small 13 cm

  • Boredom Buster Bundle


    A bundle including our amazing Treat Bundle, as well as a lickimat (Either a Buddy, Soother, or Playdate) as well as the option of a medium Kong Classic or a medium Kong Extreme.

    Please see the description below for the full list of what is in the treat box!

    Treats suitable for puppies 12 weeks+

  • Calm Dog Games Bundle


    A perfect little bundle to help build a bond with your dog, whilst saving you £4.50!

  • Gift Vouchers


    Not sure what to get for the four-legged loving folk in your life? Scared you’ll get them the wrong thing and they’ll make that face where they’re pretending that they loved it but you know you’ve messed up? It’s not even worth the risk is it?! Just get them a Gift Voucher, and let them make the decision!

    Vouchers starting from just £5 up to £50

  • I’m All Ears! Bundle


    We’ve heard you talking about us 👂…

    How could we not, with all these ears?!

    Bundle is worth over £10 when purchased individually. Lots of different proteins, both non hairy and hairy (Great to help with natural worming!)

  • Soft Sloth Toy


    These were accidentally ordered in with the rest of the birthday items, and to date I still don’t know what it was I was meant to order; so we’ve just decided to roll with it and now we have ‘Birthday Sloth!

  • The Big Doggy Bundle


    4 different bundles to choose from, featuring our Treat Bundle, Boredom Buster Bundle and also including Doggie Language by Lili Chin, and your choice of either Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy or Easy Peasy Doggy Squeezy by Steve Mann!

    Please see description below for full contents, and don’t forget to check out our other bundles!

  • Treat Bundle


    Unfortunately, due to manufacturer delays with pate, we are out of stock of pate for the bundle. This will be substituted for more treats to the same value.

    A bundle of 18 treats, suitable for dogs aged 12 weeks and over!

    See description below for full details of what is in the box.

    Don’t forget to check out our other bundles too :)

  • Treat Hampers


    We can make up hampers to suit your budget or dogs allergies/preferences!

  • Vanilla Scented Cupcake – Chocolate


    Vanilla Scented ‘chocolate’ cupcakes (There’s not actually any chocolate, it’s just the colour!) The bottom has crinkly texture inside too!

  • Walking Bundle with Air Hold Lead


    All your dog walking needs in one place!

    Treats, Pure Pate, Adios Plastic Poo Bags, Doo-Kee for when the bags have been used, and an Air- Hold Lead.

  • Walking Bundle with Double Ended Lead


    All your dog walking needs in one place!

    Treats, Pure Pate, Adios Plastic Poo Bags, Doo-Kee for when the bags have been used, and a Double Ended Halti Lead.