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  • Deluxe Nail Gripper


    The JW® GripSoft® Deluxe Nail Clipper has a heavy-duty sharp blade for a smooth cut without jagged edges. A rubber-sheathed handle design with GripSoft technology is ergonomically designed to fit the curvature of the hand, with non-slip grips that are made to be more comfortable and provide optimal control while grooming pets. The Deluxe Nail…

  • Doggy Nose Balm


    Moisturising balm for dry, sore, dehydrated noses. Contains: Vitamin e based cream with sweet melon & cucumber tinctures Instructions for use: Massage onto the nose area twice a day.

  • Ear Ya Go! Drops


    Ear ya go! Drops 100ml Cleans and clears waxy ears All-natural ear drops. Contains: Maythern oil, rosemary oil and tea tree oil. Instructions for use: For immediate relief and clearance of wax, place a few drops into both ears twice a day for 7-14 days. *Please note!* Not to be used at the same time…

  • Flea Comb


    The JW Flea Comb features high quality fine stainless steel teeth placed close together. Rounded ends on the teeth help prevent scratching. Teeth turned 90 degrees away from the handle to prevent raking of the skin. The JW Flea Comb is suitable for use on all coat types.

  • Fly Spray


    All Natural Fly Spray Contains: Quassia & Bog Murtle Directions: Spray areas as often as required Safe around children and pets 100ml spray

  • Grooming Bundle


    A Sniffe & Likkit Grooming Bundle with a huge saving of £13.50!

    With Sniffe & Likkit’s signature 100% natural Woodland Wonderfur scent.

  • Houndsly Pawfumes


    Natural – Vegan – Sustainable

  • JW Gripsoft Small Slicker Brush


    Ideal for use on dogs that have sensitive skin, the JW Soft Pin Slicker Brush has a round head and slightly angled soft pins mounted onto an air cushion to reduce excessive brushing force.

  • Lip Fold Spray

    All natural formula for cleaning lip fold creases on the face Contains: Aqua, White Wine Vinegar, Coconut Extracts & Aqueous Extracts Of Rosemary Directions: Apply to facial creases at least twice a day 250ml

  • Nail Trimmer

    • Guillotine style nail trimmer
    • Non-slip handle
  • No More Bites


    No more bites Natural solution for dealing with bugs and external parasites including ticks. Contains: Aqueous, quassia bark, bitter apple extract, lemongrass and lavender. Instructions for use: Dilute with 5 parts water or use neat and spray all animals & furnishings/bedding, daily. (Vacuum furnishings 30 minutes after spraying). To use this product weekly: simply pipette…

  • Plaque Off


    ProDen PlaqueOff Powder provides an easy complement to ordinary oral hygiene.

  • Silver Spray


    Colloidal silver is a liquid solution created using electrolysis to suspend pure, metallic elemental silver (in groups of particles 15 atoms or fewer) attached to simple protein molecules, in distilled water. Silver has been widely used in humans and animals for over a century. The easy-to-use Silver Spray contains: 12ppm (parts per million) of silver….

  • Small Spray top


    Suitable for 100ml bottles only Ideal for the Silver Spray, Fly Spray, Lip Fold Spray etc

  • Sniffe & Likkit Fab Paw Balm


    Soothing & Conditioning Paw Protection Balm 75g

  • Sniffe & Likkit Fragrant Fur Coat


    3 in 1 Brightening & Conditioning Shampoo – 250ml

    A fabulously fragrant, gently foaming wash specially formulated with mild cleansing agents and a powerhouse botanical blend of bark-friendly ingredients. Bonus built in brightening boosters and cationic conditioning agents help keep your dogs fur coat in tip-top canine condition. Helps waft away woofy whiffs.