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  • Chicken Trainers – 85g


    Single protein chicken trainers are a high source of protein, which provides dogs with energy. Chicken is a popular protein choice, and is a good source of omega 6 fatty acids – great for the skin and coat – as well as containing essential amino acids and glucosamine for healthy bones. Chicken also contains vitamins B3 and B6, promoting healthy brain function and the production of red blood cells.

  • Venison Training Treats – 85g


    Single protein venison trainers are a good source of protein, low in cholesterol and easy to digest, making them ideal for dogs with common allergies. Venison is a lean meat compared to other proteins, has a delicious mild game flavour that dogs love, and contains less saturated fat than alternative proteins such as beef. It also contains good levels of omega-3, known for supporting brain development, helping to reduce inflammation and benefiting the immune system.