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Andy Bag of Anchovies


100% air dried Golden Anchovies.

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High in protein, low in calories and packed with Omega 3. These ‘andy little anchovies are a great snack for any sized dog. They are an extremely rich source of the highly beneficial Omega 3 fatty acids. In addition, they are protein-rich and high in calcium, iron and other minerals.

This is a complementary treat for your dog as part of a healthy balanced diet. Suitable for dogs from 3 months.

All the fish are ethically and sustainably sourced.

Good Reasons to give your dog our ‘Andy Anchovies, innit

High in Omega 3
Supports the brain development of puppies
Helps with arthritis by reducing inflammation
Improves ability to fight cancer
Benefits the immune system
Boosts heart and kidney health
Improves skin and coat condition
Helps reduce anxiety. depression and hyperactivity
Taste great!!!


100% Anchovies