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Beyond The Breed. Heather Stevens (Paperback)


This book helps to explain the 9 Functional Characters in dogs, originally observed by the noted wolf biologist Dr Gordon Haber. You will discover why Functional Characters are so important and how knowledge of them will help you to understand dogs at a deeper level.

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Chapter 13 has been reviewed as excellent by the noted veterinarian Dr W Jean Dodds DVM, co-author of Canine Nutrigenomics and The Canine Thyroid Epidemic.

“The book is filles with such useful and helpful information, stretching you literally beyond the breed that your dog is.” – Dr Isla Fishburn BSc, PhD

“All professionals should be working together holistically to promote the optimal health and overall wellbeing of the domestic dog. In her book, Heather covers many of these areas, and there are nuggets of information for all. Heather is passionate about working with, and understanding dogs at a deeper level, and her open, honest writing style along with her passion for the subject, make this a fascinating book and an unmissable read.” – Ross McCarthy MA, The London Dog Behaviour Company

Heather has been working with dogs since 1979 and specialises in canine aggression. She is a CFBA registered Canine Behaviour Protectioner, an ABTC registered Animal Trainer, a KPA Certified Training Partner, a Reiki Master, and a volunteer Assistance Dog Trainer & Assessor.


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