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Boredom Buster Bundle


A bundle including our amazing Treat Bundle, as well as a lickimat (Either a Buddy, Soother, or Playdate) as well as the option of a medium Kong Classic or a medium Kong Extreme.

Please see the description below for the full list of what is in the treat box!

Treats suitable for puppies 12 weeks+


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A bundle of 18 treats!

Inside the box is:

-Pate 200g (This could be any flavour that we have in stock, so please let us know if your dog has any allergies)
-Goat Ear
-Natural Twist
-Braided Lamb
-Tripe Stick
-Cow Ear Flap
-Pig Ear
-Fish Finger Stick
-Chicken Feet x 2
-Rabbit Ear
-Porky Bites 100g (approx 3 or 4 chunks)
-Pig Snout
-Puffed Porky Snout
-XL Cow Ear
-Hairy Rabbit Ears x 2
-Beef Tail

-Lickimat (Either a Buddy, Soother or Playdate which are randomly selected).
-Kong Classic Medium or Kong Extreme Medium

If any items are out of stock, we may substitute to another item, so please make sure to let us know if your dog has any allergies.

Additional information

Boredom Buster

Medium Kong Classic, Medium Kong Extreme


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