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Frozzys – Frozen Yoghurt


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Suitable for all dogs and puppies, in a variety of flavours!


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Rich in essential vitamins, minerals and fibre, Frozzys are a lickable straight from the tub, healthy frozen yoghurt treat.
Cooling and soothing, lactose-free and low-calorie, they’re gentle on your pets sensitive digestive system.

Preparation & Usage:
Fozzy’s are lickable straight from the tub, you may want to let them thaw for just a few minutes first before giving to your dog to avoid any sore tongues! They are perfect during the warmer summer months and provide a cooling and soothing treat after long walks or training.

As Frozzys are 100% lactose-free, they are gentle on dogs tummies, especially those who may have a little more sensitive digestion. As well as being low calorie if your dog is on a weight management diet.

Frozzy’s are also perfect for giving to young puppies whilst they are teething, the cooling frozen yoghurt can help to reduce swollen and sore gums, providing a little relief to your puppy whilst they are teething.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Aid teeth and bone development
  • Maintain healthy skin and coat
  • Aid digestive health and general well-being
  • Support energy levels and immunity
  • Lickable straight from the tub!
  • Cooling and soothing a healthy and refreshing treat after walks or training.
  • Lactose-free: gentle on a dog’s sensitive digestive system.
  • Low-calorie assisting with healthy weight management.
  • A tasty teething aid can reduce swollen and inflamed gums, whilst offering something tasty for a puppy to chew on.
  • Highly palatable can be defrosted and poured over kibble to entice fussy eaters.
  • Suitable for all dogs and puppies

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Original, Blueberry, Cranberry, Strawberry


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